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Article about Dom Lardy in Sobaka.Ru: "A Russian village with a French accent"

Enjoy the sunset on the terrace of a cozy panoramic house, breathe in the fresh scent of a blooming meadow and admire the scenery and stars in the night sky. Spend time with family and friends, snuggle up by the fire, meet new people and experience the tastes of produce from local farms. At Dom Lardy, near Rostov the Great, guests can do all in the comfort of a countryside holiday.

The beauty of nature, endless fields and meadows, rustic charm and coziness make Dom Lardy a desirable holiday destination and a breath of fresh air is so necessary for people living in metropolitan areas. People come here for the solitude, the peace and the therapeutic atmosphere. 20 minutes away from the estate there is a well-known monument "Rostov Kremlin", constructed in the second half of 17th century.

The idea of Dom Lardy came from the founders of Tsar Voyages, Elena and Benoit Lardy, who realised their long-held dream of creating a cozy retreat in the countryside. In 2020, Elena and Benoit left for the countryside, in the Yaroslavl region, to wait out quarantine. Here an Izba was found, giving rise to Dom Lardy. Later a panoramic house was built using double-dome technology and an outbuidling, and then a grant from Rostourism was won for glamping. And so Out of Russia glamping tents appeared, and the "Russian village with a French accent" began to receive guests.

The main room in the estate is an Izba (dwelling), a shared space with a living room, kitchen, dining room and a terrace overlooking the garden. There is a piano in the living room, where unhurried breakfast takes place, where guests spend their time reading and playing board games. A panoramic house with glass walls, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a separate bathroom and a large terrace can accommodate a group of up to six people. A camping tent with electric heating, soft beds, furniture and a terrace overlooking the field and forest has been erected at Dom Lardy for trekkers. On the first floor of the two-storey Fligel, you can host exercises or events for up to 25 people, film screenings and workshops. There are also three cozy bedrooms: Nezabudka, Siren’, and Landysh with a shared shower room.

Breakfast is included in the accommodation, and Dom Lardy menu also includes local produce and recipes from local cuisine. Guests can order breakfast, lunch and dinner, or choose one thing at a time. The Filimonov Razdolie Dairy factory is nearby and guests are treated to raclette and gruyere.

At Dom Lardy, every guest will find something to do to his or her liking. Here you can walk through the fields and forests, roast barbecues, saw firewood, go down the hill or take part in workshops on making pickles or Merjan charm dolls. Painting lovers will enjoy plein airs with Rostov painters. We will also offer cultural excursions to the Leontievs' estate in the village of Voronino, five kilometers from the House, or to neighboring villages and Rostov the Great, with its main monument - the Rostov Kremlin.

Our plans do not only include the furnishing of Dom Lardy, where we still have a lot to do: landscaping the grounds, preparing offers for the autumn and winter period - workshops, musical evenings, French film screenings, literary "aperitifs", photo sessions and much more. Globally, we would like to improve and make the village environment of our area more comfortable: prepare interesting walking routes around, hold art residences for students, architects and artists, help to restore the casings in the village. We would be interested in doing projects with partner companies who are interested in developing and restoring the Russian village.

«Русская Деревня с французским акцентом»