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Things to do

In our Russian village with a French touch, there is always something to do. The most important activity consists of doing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, we offer plenty of things to do in and around Dom Lardy.

We help our guests with any idea they might have and take care of all the organisational tasks:

  • We will help you find a babysitter for your little one (from 2 years old)
  • Organise a matinee for your kids
  • A treasure hunt through the woods
  • Organise a picnic or a fancy party
  • Arrange a romantic evening
  • Have a mushroom and cucumber pickling
  • Have a tea party with local meadow honey
  • Teach you how to score in cricket and so much more

In the Izba (open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.):

  • Board games are in the cupboard on the veranda, and you can ask the receptionist for two microphones for karaoke festivities.

The Lounge in the Fligel- outhouse (open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.):

  • You can use the event room (60 sqm) and spend time with your family/friends. For example, ask the reception to switch on the projector to watch a movie or exercise in the morning. Yoga mats are also available in the room.
  • As for the small ones, the receptionists can always switch on their favourite cartoons.
  • To arrange events that require the room to be prepared, closed and reserved in advance for your group, email us at


Petanque - Yes! Dom Lardy has a petanque pitch and you must try out this classic French game.

It is a national French game. The aim of the game is that players of two teams throw metal balls in turn and try to get as close as possible to a small wooden ball, “a cochonnet”. The metal ball can either touch the cochonnet or knock over an opponent's ball to push it away. The main thing is that at the end of the game one or more of your team's balls will be closer to the cochonnet than the opponent's. For every such ball one point is awarded. The game is played up to 13 points. The game is suitable for both adults and children. Ask our receptionist for all the equipment and become a real Frenchman.

Bicycles: Bicycle rental is included in the accommodation price. We will be happy to advise you on routes to take.

Skiing track and ice rink: In the winter season it's nice to go skiing around the estate and for tube sliding we have an ice slide for children and adults alike.

We also clean the ice rink at the pond. During the festive season, there is an entertainment programme with special baked goods and mulled wine for our guests.

Everything you need for skiing and skating, as well as a snowmobile, is included in the accommodation price. We have ski boots and skates from size 35 to 44.

Also: croquet, children's playground, campfire glade (ask us to build a fire!).

Practical advice:

  • We care about the environment and therefore ask you to bring your favourite house slippers. However, we can provide you with slippers upon your request.
  • We treat Dom Lardy and its surroundings against ticks, but we recommend that our guests carefully inspect themselves and their clothing after their walks. To be on the safe side, please use the tick spray provided to you upon arrival.
  • At the reception there is a first aid kit, if any need arises.
  • When going for walks through the woods, we recommend you bring long-sleeved clothes, a hat or a hoodie.
  • We have at your disposal various sizes of gumshoes for long walks - they surely will come in handy on some parts of our trails.
  • In winter, come dressed warmly. In the countryside there may be a temperature difference of up to 5 degrees. Dress accordingly for walks and if needed we will happily provide you with felt boots for additional warmth.