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Dom Lardy

Russian countryside with a French accent
Landscapes. Relaxation. Comfort.
Come and visit!
The pleasure of nature within the nature

Dear guests, adults and children!

We, Elena and Benoit Lardy, the founders of the Dom Lardy, are happy to welcome you in our home. (“Dom” means “House” in Russian).

We love to travel, especially in Russia. We have slept in chums (tents) in the Arctic, trekked on the Baikal, meditated in panoramic houses in the Altai, enjoyed sunsets while glamping in Kamchatka and the Black Sea, tasted traditional pastries in Karelia and Russian wines in Anapa. From each trip we brought back new ideas and tons of inspiration.

In April 2020, we ended up in the picturesque village of Lomy at our parents' house and spent the entire quarantine here. Nearby, a first Izba (dwelling) was purchased, which was the beginning of Dom Lardy. First it had to be restored, thankfully in the Russian countryside, in Chukhloma, there are still real folk craftsmen who know how to save old wooden houses. And so, the heart and gathering area of our Dom – the Izba, came to life.

The interiors of the Dom Lardy were invented with the French designer Catherine Bagnalasta. She was inspired by the surrounding expanses and as a result we got a Russian interior with a French touch. Most of the items in the Izba were found at flea markets and antique boutiques in both Russia and France, and many objects have their own history.

The hill on which the village is located, is called "the magic mountain". From here you have breathtaking views. Legend goes that all wishes made there, do become true.

We cannot wait to see you, Lena and Benoit Lardy

правила бронирования и размещения в наших домах
Rooms on the second floor of the Fligel (outbuilding), the Out of Russia Glamping or the Panoramic Houses, or the Izba - choose the option that suits you.
мастер-классы и экскурсии
On this page, we have compiled answers to commonly asked questions when planning a trip to Dom Lardy.
How is Dom Lardy set up?

Lardy's house is in the center of the small village of Lomy, by a pond in an orchard. The village of Lomy is surrounded by vast fields and meadows.

Located in the Yaroslavl region, 12 kilometers away from Rostov the Great, (with its ancient white stone fort, where an iconic soviet movie was filmed, cathedrals and monasteries rise, modern exhibition projects take place, antique shops are held and the Lake Nero is formed.)


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Build projects together, host a lecture, concert, workshop or brunch for our guests, shoot for a commercial or media.
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Large group reservations

Celebrate weddings, birthdays or other commemorations at Dom Lardy, organise a work retreat or team-building event for your company
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