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We look forward to welcoming you in our bucolic retreat!
Where you can simply relax in the fresh air, get together, work within a natural environment, celebrate a family holiday or go down to the river and open up a can of worms.



A unique shared space with a living room, kitchen, dining room and terrace overlooking the estate. In the living room, a piano stands tall. It is the perfect spot for reading and crushing your friends at monopoly.

The heart of Dom Lardy, our main and shared space, is the Izba. Here is the Russian dining room, where we serve breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In the Izba, you can have some tea served with jam or freshly brewed aromatic coffee with sweet treats. You can also choose to read in the French lounge, play board games, or have a cozy talk with friends over an “aperitif”.

The price per night in the Izba starts from 5500 rubles.

Panoramic houses

There are two modern panoramic houses with glass walls and three bedrooms. One house is called ORANGE and the other is called ROUGE. The ideal setting to count the bright stars glowing in the night sky.

Both the houses have three bedrooms:

  • Bedroom 1 and bedroom 2 have queen size beds, and bedroom 3 has two single beds.
  • The house has an open kitchen merging with the lounge area, including a dishwasher and crockery set, a separate bathroom and large terrace with views.

Maximum occupancy for 6 people.

The cost per night in one of the Panoramic Houses starts from 13,000 rubles.

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Fligel (outbuilding)

You might think from its name that this is a small space, however the Fligel is the biggest house on the property. This outhouse is a two-storey house.
On the second floor you will discover three rooms: Nezabudka, Siren’ and Landysh. Named in Russian after flowers. A total of 3 rooms with a shared bathroom.

You can find a large hall in the Fligel. Feel free to do some yoga, sports, as well hold lectures or other events.

The cost per night starts at 4500 rubles.

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Tents Out Of Russia

As some of you may have guessed, we have been heavily inspired by the movie “Out Of Africa”. New, warm tents with cozy beds, all the necessary furniture, electric heating and a private terrace overlooking the meadows and the forest.

Glamping tents available for booking during warmer seasons (May to October).

Glamping (glamour + camping) is a new type countryside leisure, which combines seemingly incompatible things: the convenience of city life with the spirit and attributes of camping and nature.

  • Two-room tent
  • Double comfortable bed
  • Two extra beds can be added
  • Terrace and barbecue station

Early bird booking for summer is already available.

Starting price per night for our Glamourous Tents is 7000 rubles.

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